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Patriot - ACO Approved - Drip

Patriot - ACO Approved - Drip

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ACO Approved Cornhole Bags
Bags are sold in sets of 4. 
Pitch Bags Patriot
American Cornhole Organization Approved Professional Cornhole Bags. Ready for competition on any level, from the professional level to the back yard!

The Patriot pairs a medium slow hole friendly slow side with a fast side that can cut through bags and conditions. 
Speed: 5 & 8
Flex: 6 out of 10
Fill: Disc Blend


Why Choose Pitch Bags?

  • Made in the USA
  • American Cornhole Organization Approved
  • Professional approved size and weight.
  • Filled with premium plastic resin
  • Sewn with computer controlled industrial machines for accuracy.
  • Dedicated Customer Service
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